Leads – Engagement Insights

1. Overview

Komiko introduces a new view to the native Salesforce experience. The view includes basic Salesforce fields enriched by data coming from Komiko.

2. Leads overview by Komiko

Leads overview by Komiko includes the following additional properties:

  • First outbound – The date when the first email was sent to the lead. In most cases it is considered as the date when Sales Accepted the Lead (SAL). In addition, it could also help marketing to ensure that created leads are handled in a timely manner.
  • First outbound – The date when the first email from the lead has been received.
  • Last outbound interaction date
  • Last inbound interaction date
  • Last event/meeting
  • Next event/meeting
  • Follow up – no reply – a counter for how many attempts have been made to connect to the lead without a reply. Above a certain number of attempts you should consider changing approach, changing the message, connecting to a different person in the account or un-qualify the lead.
  • …more fields are available and can be added to the view like the name of the people that sent inbound and outbound emails, meeting organizers and more

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