Automatically assigning activities to opportunities

As you already know Komiko is automatically assigning emails and meetings to the right contact, account, opportunity and lead. Here is the logic that is used to assign emails and meetings to open opportunities. There is a different logic used to assign activities to closed opportunities.

Determining the right opportunity for an email/meeting

Identify the potential opportunities based on the following information:

  • Opportunity owner must be one of the participants (sender and recipients) of the email/meeting.
  • At least one of the account contacts must be in the participants list
  • Opportunity must be in an “open” stage (stage type = open). Identifying “open” stages is currently done in the Komiko’s settings section.

When one single opportunity is identified – Komiko will update the activity as well as statistics like last inbound and outbound date, etc.

When more than one opportunity is identified – Komiko will update the activity to one of them, and statistics to all of them.

When no opportunity is identified – Komiko will not update any opportunity.

Everything can be found at the account

In all cases Komiko will update the activity and statistics information in the account objects. So all activities can always be found in the account, if you don’t find them in the opportunity.


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