New Engagements – Email Notification Service

1. Overview You attended a conference and managed to collect quite a few business cards.  Right after the show you started reaching out to these people by sending them emails. But…you forgot updating your CRM. Which is not that surprising. Like many of us, your focus is on getting business and […]

Playbooks x – Operators and Functions – including examples

Here are the  operators and functions available for building playbook expressions. It is organized by the following: Math Operators Logical Operators Date and Time Functions Math Operators + (Add) – Calculates the sum of two values. – (Subtract) – Calculates the difference of two values. * (Multiply) – Multiplies its […]

Komiko’s Playbooks – Questionnaire

The following article aims at helping teams to define playbooks through a set of questions. As described in Komiko’s playbooks – concepts article there are three sections that need to be addressed. Scope Metrics Action 1. Scope related questions Questions that help identify the segment of  accounts and/or opportunities that […]

Adding Komiko’s Lightning component to Salesforce using Aura

The following describes the way to add the Komiko’s lightning component wrapped in a native Salesforce lightning Aura. Thanks to Oded Harniv for helping us put it together. 1. Add the code to Salesforce Start by navigating to Salesforce developer’s console. Click on Lightning component. Give it a name and […]

Komiko’s Playbooks – Concepts

Different people define playbooks differently. So let us start from a definition of what are Komiko’s playbooks. Komiko’s playbooks allow you to define a set of metrics that are important for keeping your accounts and opportunities healthy and improving your win rate. Examples include: When a prospect or a customer […]

Activity data

Komiko is posting activity (email and meetings) data to Salesforce. This data can be used to build Salesforce native reports that show the number of emails sent/received, number of meetings, per person, per time period, etc. Salesforce activities objects and also the Email object do not support the rich meta […]

Rolling up contract end date to the account level – example

Here are the steps required to roll up contract end date to the account level. The following is using Rollup helper which allows you to roll up content for related objects. Rollup helper is using standard Salesforce technologies e.g. APEX classes and APEX Triggers to roll up info either instantly […]

Komiko Installation – Meta Data Changes in Salesforce

Following is a list of custom fields and custom objects that are added to Salesforce as part of Komiko’s installation. Komiko is a certified Salesforce app that is using Salesforce standard API interface to add to the meta data. 1. Custom fields added by Komiko to standard objects Account Best […]

Register to Komiko

Navigate to Komiko’s registration page For Gmail Click the Google Account and get the Google pop-up window request to allow access to your mailbox.                 Click <Allow> For Microsoft Office 365 Click the <Sign up with Office 365> and get the Office […]

Setting up a service account for Exchange or Office 365

These instructions outline the steps required to allow Komiko to access a collection of mailboxes on your Exchange or Office 365 server. Create a new mailbox for Komiko (ex: Give the new mailbox delegate access to the target mailboxes. Here is the detailed help article. Register the new mailbox with […]