Rolling up last outbound date and sender – example

Here are the steps required to roll up last outbound date of a sub-set of the users to the account level. It is using Rollup helper which allows you to roll up content for related objects. It is using standard Salesforce technologies e.g. APEX classes and APEX Triggers to roll […]

GDPR Removal Request

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which took effect on May 25, 2018, is the European Union’s new data privacy law. The GDPR impacts how all companies collect and handle personal data about their European customers. Your privacy is very important to us, and we’ve updated our DATA PROCESSING ADDENDUM to […]

GDPR Data Protection

Komiko takes the protection of its customers data seriously and has made significant financial investments to maintain the protection of all PII that it processes. For the purposes of this Agreement, the term “PII” and all forms of the word “process” shall have the same definitions as given to such […]

Enabling/disabling Komiko for selected Salesforce profiles

Background Komiko’s custom objects, custom fields and Visualforce widgets can only be accesses by the selected Salesforce profiles. It allows the Salesforce admin to fully control who can see what. Step 2 <Install> in the installation wizard allows you to select the sub-set of profiles that should be enabled. Click on […]

Testing Komiko Base

It is highly recommended to test Komiko with actual real data. But it is obviously also possible to test it by creating test data. Capturing emails and meetings – basics Expected behavior – Any email/meeting sent or received that includes an email address of an existing contact (by email) in […]

Adding Komiko to your new hires on-boarding checklist

There are three options to address new employees on-boarding. The options depend on the approach used for Komiko’s email sync in your organization. 1. When each employee is registered individually to Komiko you’d need to ask them to register to Komiko using the following link It should be done after […]

Pre meeting brief

Komiko sends a briefing email two hours before meeting prospects or customers. It  includes the following information. Who will be in the meeting? See job titles and get a LinkedIn link When was your last interaction? Review past interactions: Recent emails and documents Recent cases (open and closed) – when […]

Dashboards and playbooks settings

Background Komiko’s pro edition supports accounts and opportunities dashboards and playbooks. They address two roles: Sales reps and customer success managers – the individuals that are owning opportunities and accounts Sales and Customer success leaders that need to get overall visibility and insights that help them drive their teams. The […]

Upgrade your Salesforce data with engagement insights information

Based on email and meeting communication Komiko enriches Salesforce with engagement insights information that allows to make you reporting and dashboards much more meaningful. As an example, adding last outbound and inbound dates to your pipeline report will allow you to easily determine the engagement dynamics. Have your team missed […]